Wine Yourself

It’s always wine o’clock…


If you fancy a special delight, you are welcome to the 24-hour wine bar of the STOABERG Hotel where you can help yourself to your favourite wine.

After having put the children to bed, indulge yourself with a glass of chilled wine on a warm summer evening under the wide starry sky and against the backdrop of the “Steinberge” mountains at the horizon. In winter, you may prefer a glass of heavier red wine to end an eventful day spent in the snow.

You may wonder how to grab a glass of wine?

In our lobby, you will find the wine cooler, which Sarah regularly fills with exquisite wines from local suppliers, including both classics and specialities of the year.

Choose simply a bottle of wine that suits you. The white wines are stored in the refrigerator, whereas the red wines can be found in the cabinet at room temperature. Pick up suitable glasses. For tangy white wines, there are taller slightly curved goblets. The larger bulbous glasses are meant for heavier red wines. Multi-purpose glasses are also available for those who do not care so much about it.

You can also pick up some nibbles. Note simply your name, your room number and the items taken on the list you will find there. Sometimes, enjoyable evenings last a little longer …