Winter Walks & Sledging

Contemplation and excitement in the snow.

The pleasures of walking are not limited to the summer months. Even when the first snow has fallen, you can set off on a leisurely walk. A stroll in the snow-covered countryside is as enjoyable as a walk across the green mountain meadows in summer. You can head off right from doorstep of the STOABERG Hotel to explore the beautiful winter landscape. And afterwards, you can cuddle up in front of the snug fireplace sipping a cup of tea. Enjoy the delights of winter to your heart’s content.

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On the sledge, ready, go! Whizzing down the slopes is not only fun with the skis or snowboard, but also with the sledge. A sledge ride is always a memorable experience. In the resort of Saalfelden-Leogang, you find a sledge run on the slopes of “Biberg” mountain with a length of six kilometres and another one at “Asitz” mountain of four kilometres.